Lighthouse 8 Section Dry rack

Lighthouse 8 Section Dry rack

Brand: Hydrogarden
Product Code: dry6 section
Price: £17.49£23.99 Ex Tax: £14.58

This multi-layer LightHouse Round DryNet has been designed to hang in a growtent to allowing you to dry their flowers or herbs. It is collapsible and has 8 x 55cm layers (White)

The Hanging Drying Rack provides a huge amount of drying space in the smallest possible area. When the jumbo hanging drying rack is suspended from the ceiling using the Velcro strap on a hook it measures 180cm high and 62cm wide.

This product means that you have a gigantic surface area on which you can evenly distribute your crops ensuring an even drying process. Thanks to it's innovative compact design the Jumbo Hanging Drying Rack will easily fit inside a grow tent or similar space to dry your crops.

The Hanging Drying Rack is fully collapsible which means that it is easy to store away after drying and doesn't take up much space when it's not in use.

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